Conférence de presse - Abidjan 2018

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Vendredi 02 novembre 2018 s'est tenue à Abidjan la conférence de presse annoncant la tenue des corporate Awards Abidjan 2018. L’équipe des Corporate Awards représentée d'une part par sa secrétaire générale Mme Adeline Sede Kamga et d'autre part par Rosalynd Brown , membre du conseil d'administration des corporate awards ont durant plus d'une heure échangé avec les professionnels des médias ivoiriens.

Il était question pour elle d’expliquer pourquoi le choix de cette édition s'est porté sur la cote d'ivoire. En effet parce qu'étant un projet panafricain à expliquer la secrétaire générale, il est important pour les corporate Awards de devenir un événement qui s'étend sur toute l'Afrique. Notre objectif a t'elle dit est partager cette expérience avec toutes les entreprises qui s'efforcent de développer d'excellentes pratiques managériales en ressources humaines en Afrique. Et ayant organisé les deux premières éditions en Afrique centrale, il était important pour nous de nous déporter en Afrique de l'Ouest. Et la cote d'ivoire qui depuis déjà 3 ans est devenue la locomotive de la sous-région à fini par nous convaincre qu'elle était le pays indiqué pour accueillir cette édition. Raison pour laquelle nous sommes aujourd’hui présents devant vous.

Entre autres, un autre grand, moment de cette conférence de presse a été la présentation de la conférence sur le leadership féminin en entreprise. Il s'agit d'une conférence internationale où des femmes ayant des postes de responsabilité en entreprises viennent partager leurs expériences professionnelles avec des jeunes femmes et hommes désireux de s'insérer dans le monde socio-professionnel. La conférence s'est achevée par le mot de fin de Mme Rosalynd Brown qui a invité la presse ivoirienne à partager ces informations reçues avec les populations et chefs d'entreprise sur l'importance de cet événement.

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Connect with social media and build an audience

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If you do not have the time to write a complete blog post, we still recommend that you keep interacting with your site's visitors through social media integration. It is much easier to tweet in 160 characters than it is to write a complete and documented blog post. 

Integrated social features

Your site will have very easy to access social sharing buttons, allowing visitors to easily spread the news about your great products. Also, we make it a rule that every site visitor can comment with Facebook Comments. 

If you want to keep your Facebook page and site integrated, just as our specialists to add dynamic activity feeds to the pages of your site. 

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Why move your business online?

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Today's consumers are more connected than ever. From researching their products to reading about the company that will provide the service or product, to reading reviews, most of the interactions happen online, before they even walk through your door. So instead of letting other people tell your story, why not offer your own perspective?

Online businesses made easy

Moving your business online should not be a complicated project. Instead, it should actually improve your workflows and allow you to spend more time on actually interacting with your customers than spending time with reporting and managing stock. 

Our sites come complete with administration sections that let you seamlessly manage your clients, orders, mailing lists and support cases. 

You and your team will have no problems adapting to this easy to use system, and we are ready to offer the necessary training to help you manage your business. 

E-mailing made easy

Ever wondered how you can reach out to all those potential customers? Our sites come complete with newsletter systems and templates to help you reach people easier. Whether they fill in a form or you import an already existing customer list, once those details are in your site you can send them news on a regular basis. 

Contact our team to find out how you too can bring your business online!
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Custom sites at custom prices

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As with everything else, when choosing a site you should make sure you do not pay for more than you are using. This is why our site plans come with affordable tiered pricing, allowing you to grow along with your business. 

Start simple

For a little more than $10 per month, you can start bringing your business online with a very basic website. This will allow you to manage your site's content, have 10 e-mail addresses where customers can contact you, take advantage of social media sharing and allow them to fill a form to get in touch. 

Add e-mail marketing

When you are ready to grow and target your customers with more advanced features you can seamlessly move to the next plan. This will allow you to send as many as 5000 newsletters per month, automate sales responses to loyalty campaigns and build very targeted lists with the help of the built-in customer relationship management database. 

And if you think this is going to break the bank, we hope you will be happy to find out that pricing for this plan starts at just $16.05 per month.

Selling online

The final step will be to bring your product catalog online. Once you are ready to do that just give us a call and we will upgrade your site to include the full e-commerce platform and events module. This plan also comes with more users and even more newsletters, to help target all those customers even better, and bring them on your online store. 

You will be able to manage your products, collect payment and set up shipping in just a few simple steps. 
If you are ready for this step, all it takes is to pick up the phone and dial our number. Our technicians are ready to help bring your business to the next level. 
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