Women in leadership

The Corporate Awards 2016

The Corporate Award Women in Leadership Summit

Getting Women to see the leader in them

It is rightly said, “You can do nothing against the truth. Truth remains true; you can only be for it.” The truth we stand for is that women are way beyond the need to be empowered by some external force for them to be leaders. All they need is to see the leader already in them, acknowledge their innate gift and dynamic abilities, and assume their identity. Many women have come to realise that they can climb up the corporate ladder, not by waiting in dormancy for some sort of recognition but by proving their worth, making the voice of their aptitude heard in an irrefutable way.

The Corporate Award Women in Leadership Summit recognizes the innovator in women and seeks to encourage them to take the lead roles in the corporate world. Targeting women from all walks of life, this initiative aims at guiding the women on best leadership practices that will impact the entire community. It is all about the women kindling the dexterity in each other, sharing their experiences and strategies, and getting inspired by what others have done and are doing.

Being the first of its kind in the nation of Cameroon, the maiden edition of the C.A. Women in Leadership Summit will run under the theme “Inspiring Women to Lead, Engage and Impact Growth!” It will be an assembly like none other, scheduled for December 8th 2016. Young women aspiring to become leaders should, at the end of this event, have an idea on the “how” of becoming a leader – what it requires professionally and emotionally. Practicing leaders will gain more understanding about going to the next level – no room for complacency!

Get ready to be inspired; get ready to be challenged and brace yourself to go beyond the shores into the waves. You are definitely in for an absolute paradigm shift from simply following to actually leading.