It is time to celebrate achievements in people.

It is time to assess how companies perform against best practices.

Let's celebrate our people


The Corporate Awards works with established best practices to recognise companies' performance in people management.

Knowledge Sharing

We create a network of professionals to learn and exchange best practices and methods of application in various industries.

Corporate Party

As an end of year event, it is also a great way to celebrate the success achieved in the year with a focus on the future.

The Awards Categories for 2021

Categories des recompenses

Corporate Social Responsibility

In this category the award goes to companies that engage their various departments in CSR initiatives.

Innovative Company

This is the company that has been able to innovate by creating new approaches to work for their employees (e.g. teleworking, state-of-the-art technology - software, hardware, etc.)

Customer Service

This category recognises companies that have policies in place to ensure the performance of their employees to satisfy their customers.

Employer of Choice

Companies that value employee satisfaction, have interactive customer service, are innovative, offer equal work opportunities, invest in staff training and contribute to community development.

Heath, Safety and Environment

In this category, the company must demonstrate that working conditions meet safety standards and are respected. It must also show that its operations consider the ecosystem in which it is located and that all health measures are taken to guarantee the physical and mental integrity of its employees and to limit cases of occupational accidents or diseases.

Organised by FabAfriq Media Group

The Corporate Awards is a programme fully owned by FabAfriq. The first edition of the Corporate Awards was in Douala 2016. The vision is to help shape a corporate environment where employee wellbeing is at the centre of operations by creating an HR centre of excellence.

We work with companies to help them tell their stories and celebrate their achievements

Grow without restriction. Grow with confidence. Give your team the space they need to help them grow and help your business grow.

The Corporate Awards – From Conception to Realisation - Interview with Adeline Sede
Abidjan, Ivory Coast to host the third edition of The Corporate Awards
The Corporate Awards 2016 - Recognising and Celebrating Excellence!

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